As a pioneer in developing Private Banking services in Vietnam, MB Private has provided many specialized products and services for High Net Worth clients to help them not only achieve their goals in the present, but also to plan their legacy for the future.

On December 16, the Best of the Best Awards by Robb Report Vietnam 2022 took place in Ho Chi Minh City. The event honored premium brands in many categories such as watches, cars, real estate, hotels, and banks. At the ceremony, MB Private was awarded with the "Best Private Banking of the Year" award for 2022.

Mr. Michael von Schlippe presented the Best Private Banking of the Year award to Mr. Tran Quoc Khanh - Head of Governance of Southern Private Banking Center.

Since launching the MB Private brand in February 2020, MB Private has been the pioneer in providing Private Banking services to High Net Worth clients in Vietnam. After nearly three years of development and cooperation with Bordier & Cie (Bordier) - a Private Bank from Switzerland with more than 175 years of heritage, MB Private continuously delivers premium bespoke products and services to clients.

 MB Private currently operates private banking services from our North and South banking centers, both with luxurious client facilities to bring a first-class experience to clients. At the same time, MB Private is in the process of aligning premium banking facilities and service experiences for Private clients at all MB branches nationwide.

In sharing about MB Private's competitive advantage in implementing private banking, the bank's senior management said: "MB has member companies that operate effectively in many fields, including securities, fund management, and insurance. Therefore, it is very efficient to design a holisticecosystem for clients to experience comprehensive banking and financial services delivery in the MB Group system compared to other banks”.

Through the strength of our digital transformation, wealth management for MB Private clients is being digitized by the bank through the Wealth Management financial investment solution on the MB Bank App. Using this solution, investors can access and transact with all products in the diversified financial ecosystem, including stocks, bonds, fund certificates, etc. In addition, the solution also allows MB Private’s relationship managers to manage clients' assets efficiently and conveniently, so that they could help clients to make appropriate investment and asset allocation decisions.  

Furthermore, with a wide network of partners that provide services in a variety of fields, MB Private offers bespoke services which are designed exclusively for MB Private clients. Accordingly, MB Private not only provides traditional banking products and investments, and wealth management services domestically, but also brings services such as: offshore investment and wealth management services, tax consulting services, inheritance planning, bespoke health care, education, immigration and lifestyle ... exclusively for MB Private clients.

There is no doubt that winning the "Best Private Banking of the Year" in 2022 awarded by Robb Report is continued validation of the quality and reputation of MB Private in the market. With comprehensive financial solutions and specialized advisory services exceeding expectations, MB Private aims to raise the standard of living and achieve all our clients' financial goals. MB Private will always accompany and support our clients throughout their journey of creating a legacy for the next generations to come.

MB Private honored with 'Best Private Banking of the Year' Award